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The Best Disco 94 - Nonstop Disco Version - Disco Of The Year 1994 Audio Kaset Kings KG 3470994

The Best Disco '94 - Nonstop Disco Version! - Disco Of The Year 1994

King's (1994)
Pop, Reggae
Cassette | Stereo | 14 Tracks
catnr. KG 3470994

Daftar Lagu

1Oh, Carol (Club Mega Mix)General Saint; Don Campbell
2Iko Iko (Ext. Summer Mix)Cut Patrol; Louise Hamilton
3Bom Bun Daa (Fox Mix)Midi Out; Roland Brant
4Hands Up (The Candy Flozz Mix)Q Generation
5Info Superhighway2 Unlimited
6Run Baby, Run (Dance Version Remix)Nora Simon
7She's Beautiful (Sun Mix)Double You
8Ma Baker (The Tale Of The Tribe Mix)Black On White
9She's Fresh (12" Mix)Roxy D.
10Because I Love You (Down Beat Mix)Shannon James
11What A NightWinnie & Jeremy
12Gunshot (Gunned Mix)Apollo; Rappa K.
13Bella DonnaJames Lloyd
14What Cha Gonna Do (Radio Mix)B. Floppy; B.O.W.


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